How-to replace you Sennheiser HD650 HD660S HD600 HD580 and Massdrop HD6XX headband

How to replaceΒ your Sennheiser HD650, HD660S, HD600, HD580Β and Massdrop HD6XX headphone headband


If you own a set of Sennheiser HD580, HD600, HD650, HD660S or HD6XX headphones then you know exactly how easy those headbands fall apart. Over time the foam can literally disintegrate leaving you with a not so great fit.Β Watch this video and see how you can easily replace your headband and give your classic headphones some life.

You might not have know that the HD650, HD660S and HD6XX headband is also compatible with the HD580 and HD600. So if you are looking switch it up then here is your chance.

HD650, HD660S and HD6XX headband can be purchased here: