Finding your right gaming headset

Finding your right gaming headset is always a long-winded task to get the right one, with today’s saturated market it’s hard to find the right pair to suit you.

Let us talk about the best headsets to brag about, giving you the upper edge before you know it!

Why get a good headset?

You may often be playing a shooting game and wonder how someone knew you were coming before you saw them, often this isn’t any kind of a cheat, it’s an awesome headset that helps you hear other players moving around the game. As well as having amazing and clear sound to fully submerge you in the game your playing.

Having a good headset that includes a mic, really helps you communicate with your team, allowing you to gain the upper hand in team tactics!

Here are the top 5 headsets this year, that will really improve your game.

1. Creative SXFI


This amazing headset is just £102 and for the quality, it is absolutely worth it! Having absolutely fantastic sound, and amazingly precise surround-sound, to give you the upper hand while gaming, this is definitely one of the best options on the market at the moment. The main downfall that people find with this is it’s not Bluetooth enabled. If you don’t mind having a few wires dangling from your headset, then this is a perfect option  for you. A very competitive price for a competitive headset. 

There is a companion app to set up with the headset, but this is a simple process, it feels like a slightly slow-moving app, but once its set up and ready to go, you forget the negatives and completely fall in love with the sound and feel of the experience.



2. Razer Blackshark V2

Razer is a very respectable gaming company, and you can see why! Bringing out amazing headsets like this, with a very affordable price (£99.99) for one of the best gaming additions that have been newly added to the market, it’s hard to go wrong. With the flawless sound that it produces and sharp and very clean look, it’s definitely up there with the best options you can pick today. The only one real downside for some gamers is the lack of long-term comfort, for some not all comfort is lacking!

With its very sturdy build and extremely clear microphone, this is one to last! Simple and effective, perfect for the standard or competitive gamer.


3. SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC

With another business we all know and love, the SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC is almost perfect, with nothing bad to say about the actual performance of this headset, this is definitely up there with the best headsets on the market right now.

It has a hefty price of £249.99 but if you’re a lover of perfect sound Quality, this is one of the best options for you, with a dedicated DAC and headphone amp, to bypass the low-quality controller Soundcard, into fantastic and pristine sound. (sadly the game DAC For hi-res sound is only compatible with PS4 and PC, sorry Xbox!)

This is a brilliant option for intense gaming, or just if you enjoy really breath-taking sound quality!




4. HyperX Cloud Alpha

You can grab this absolute steal for £70, this is definitely one of the best console headsets in terms of overall affordability and quality.

Having really in-depth sound mechanics enabling you to hear In-game sounds extremely distinctly. Giving you the edge while gaming. With a very durable build, and able to use it cross-console, this makes this a great option for Christmas ideas.

With new in-built drivers, this really allows you to hear a lot less distortion, giving you a clear gaming experience. Now you will know exactly what your hearing!!


5. Astro A50

If you prefer the near-perfect sound and wireless options, there Really can’t get much better than the Astro A50, with a Price of £299.99 you really do pay for what you get, an unstoppable headset that really will improve your game.

With such a high price tag, it has to meet its expectations, And it does nothing but exceeds them. A really slick feel, and A sturdy design. Makes this one of the best if not the best wireless headset on the market today, if you have the money to spend you really can go wrong with one of these bad boys!

With a widely used company, often all eyes are on them to make brilliant pieces like this, but they have not let us down at all!

Perfect your game

When it comes to picking the perfect headset for you, there are thousands of them to pick from, you need to decide whether you want wireless, or wired, and if the headset is for relaxed gaming and sweet music, or for more competitive gaming.

There are options that are great for both, but if you would just like a great cheap, and affordable option, we think that the HyperX Cloud Alpha is perfect for you, with a durable design and great sound, you really can go wrong for this under £100.

When it comes down to it, these headsets can massively improve your gameplay and the feel of it, making these one of the best buys to go along with your awesome gaming setup, as no setup is complete without a crazy headset that makes other people think your cheating!

Take a look through our list we have suggested, there’s bound to be a perfect headset for you

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