Compatible Replacement Bose QC35 ear pads by AHG (Black – New)

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  • Manufacturer Accessory House
  • Item model number QC35/QC35 II Ear Pads Black
  • Bose QC35 ear pads
  • Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones
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54 in stock

Bose Replacement Ear Pads QC35

Bose QC35 ear pads – Premium Ear Pads Compatible with Bose QuietComfort 35 (QC35) QuietComfort 35 II (QC35 II) Headphones. Premium Protein Leather | Soft high-Density Foam | Increased Durability for QC35/QC35 II

Product Information:

Compatibility – These ear pads and scrims are designed specifically for the QuietComfort 35 and QuietComfort 35 II headphones. They are not compatible with any other models.

Revive and Refresh your QC35/QC35 II Performance – Like a best friend your QC35/QC35 II headphones have had your back making long flights comfortable, public transport bearable and giving you the ‘Sorry, did not hear you’ card for those unwanted requests. It is time to pay them back the love with some TLC.

Design and Quality – Excellent comfort from our own smooth protein leather and a soft high-density foam in ideal dimensions. Seam stitched to increase longevity and a thicker installation rim provides a secure fit with a tighter seal reducing sound leakage. These ear pads will conform to your ears within 1-2 weeks of wearing them; giving you a more personalised fit.

Quick and Easy Installation – Minimal DIY skills are needed but let’s be honest, this is no match for your level of awesomeness! Detailed written instructions are included, and you can watch our step-by-step video guide to make the process silky smooth. Watch our video walkthrough at the bottom of this page 🙂

WHAT’S IN THE BOX? – 2 x AHG QC35/QC35 II ear pads and 2 x original style QC35/QC35 II scrims for a total refreshment of your loved headphones.


Product Description:

Ear pads compatible with Bose QuietComfort 35 QuietComfort 35 II

Headphone grief is a real thing!

Stage 1 – Denial

‘I can get a few more years out of these’

‘Don’t be silly, the sound is not leaking that bad’

Your ear pads are not fine. That hole and the sponge sticking out is not for style. Your Bose QC35 QC35 II headphone ear pads are falling apart after 2-3 years and they are looking pretty gross. There is ‘pleather dandruff’ appearing on your ears, your neck and your shirt. Your friends are starting to ask questions.

Stage 2 – Anger

‘How is this happening to me’

‘What did I do to deserve this from the headphone gods’

Truthfully, at some point in time every headphone owner will feel this pain and need to get it out. No one wants their comfort level and listening experience to come to this. We know it is not fair, but it is happening. Feel free to yell into a pillow for a moment.

Step 3 – Acceptance

You have come to terms it; you need new ear pads. You are ready to move forward and put the past behind you. You want to do what is best for your favourite headphones and lose that dandruff issue. Your friends will thank you for it too.

Step 4 – Bargaining

Bargain with your wallet and get some great AHG ear pads for your Bose QC35 QC35 II headphones. Add years to their lifespan and your enjoyment.

Installation Video:


Best quality Bose Replacement Ear Pads QC35



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bose replacement ear pads qc35

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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 2 cm

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4.5 overall

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  1. Chris Anderson (verified owner)

    These simply are not as comfortable as the OEM ones from Bose. I practically live in my QC35s five days a week. For me spending $15 more to have more comfort is 100% worth it. Others have said the comfort difference vs OEM is “subtle”. I disagree. For me it is very obvious and was from the moment I put the headphones back on with these new pads installed. I immediately removed them and said “yep, I’m returning and buying OEM from Bose.” If you are the kind of person that can afford to pay $350 for headphones, you probably care and want them to be as comfortable as they were when you originally decided to shell out the $350. For me, comfort was one of the main reasons I purchased the QC35 and there was no way I was going to sacrifice that for $15 in savings.

    Chris Anderson

  2. Mark (verified owner)

    After two years, my Bose Q35 suffered it’s first major case of wear-and-tear, with the left ear cushion spontaneously rupturing and allowing the memory foam to burst out the cushion. To order new cushions from Bose, cost $35. So a $15 price difference isn’t exponential, but these cushions from Accessory House had Prime shipping, so I was sold. For the record, these are ‘not’ OEM parts from Bose. They are very close to the original ear cushions, but there are some differences. Installation of the new cushions can be a bit confusing, as it foam ring that holds onto the clips can sometimes be finicky and they end up popping out of the clips when trying to fit them in. A little trial and error is all it takes. In the images below, the Accessory House is on the left, and the original is on the right. The right-ear original cushion was still intact for comparison. Right away, I can see the originals are much more fuller and fatter. They are softer while the new ones are stiffer, however, it is only very minuscule. I myself was questioning as to how stiff they were, but this could be because of the new ones being thinner, therefore, the memory foam is more tightly packed compared to the originals. It is an extremely subtle difference, but they are not ‘tough’ as some described them as. These headphones still feel very comfortable, and the seal for noise cancelling is effective for adequate isolation. Because they’re thinner, your ears are closer to the sound drivers. Whether or not that impacts listening is entirely up to your own experience, as they can be interpreted differently. But these feel excellent, and the leather feels just as good as the ones that originally came with the QC35’s. The package also comes with a plastic opening tool and replacement scrims. I didn’t use the scrims since the originals didn’t need replacing. I also would advise against using the opening tool, as you can damage the plastic clips that hold the cushions in place. In the long term, we’ll see how these hold up, and will update my review accordingly.


  3. Stableboy (verified owner)

    Pro: they do work, I was able to replace my original worn Bose QC35 pads with these. Con: – Not as puffy and broad as the originals, so not as comfortable because the pressure is not distributed as widely as with the original pads. – Instructions come on a single TINY card that I had to blow up with my phone to read, almost like microfilm. Is paper that expensive? – Instructions refer you to a very poorly made online video which is constantly going out of focus and frame, and does not even touch the subject of replacing the inner lining grilles (which are provided with the pads) – A small plastic tool is provided, but no instructions on how to use it. I figured it out eventually. Overall, it was not a long process but was somewhat frustrating and the result disappointing. It’s worth springing for the real stuff here.


  4. W. Allemon (verified owner)

    I purchased these to replace the pads on my black Bose QC35 headphones, based on Amazon ratings and a review video on YouTube. Save your money and buy the true OEM replacement ear pads directly from Bose for $35. These pads do not match the physical specifications of the original Bose ear pads, making them difficult to install. Even after watching installation videos online. The card that the pads are mounted to and need to snap into each headphone housing are slightly larger than they should be, causing a lot of difficulty during installation. Secondly, the replacement screens are not the same material as what was installed at the factory. The replacement material reduces high frequency sounds, making music from the headphones sound muddled. If you already purchased these pads, do not use the replacement screens. Your existing ones will work just fine.

    W. Allemon

  5. daniel beebe (verified owner)

    I was really skeptical when these came in the mail but I thought I would give them a fair bit of time before writing this. The install was easy and the fit is absolutely perfect. They snap in just like the factory originals. I was a bit nervous about hardness of the foam inside that you’re cops. The actual leather-like material itself is shockingly similar to the original, but the phone was so hard that it prevented getting a good fit, and with a big flight coming up I was worried about the noise cancellation performance. I’m very pleased to say that after over a month of use the ear cups of soften up far more than I would have guessed they could and feel pretty darn close to the originals. Expect 30 hours of use before they’re broken in. They still feel just a touch more firm than the original your cups, but the price is good and it’s something you probably won’t notice unless you’re actively thinking about it. 9.9/10

    daniel beebe

  6. Baffmasta (verified owner)

    Easy for me to use and install these ear pads. I watched a 5 min video explaining and showing the steps and after installing one ear pad I could do the other ear pad with my eyes closed!! Super easy , relatively comfortable as well. Not exactly as comfortable as the original earpads that came with my Bose QC 35 earpads, but these babies do the job.


  7. Sangmin Lee (verified owner)

    Brutally honest review: Easy install & you are getting what you paid for. This is very well priced.

    Sangmin Lee

  8. Frank W. (verified owner)

    I’m gonna say it now. If you use your QC35s every day, for the love of all that is holy, buy the OEM ear pads from Bose. The leather on these pads is not nearly as soft as on the original ones. They do block out the noise quite effectively, but one of the major selling points of these headphones is the soft ear pads. If I was in a Best Buy and put the headphones on with these pads to try them out, I wouldn’t buy them. Also the installation video from Accessory House is complete and utter TRASH. Low quality Video (granted, it’s HD but only at 720p so not as clear as it could/needs to be), and horrible lighting. On top of that, the part of the video where they actually show you how to initially insert the ear cup onto the headphones, the guy’s hands doing this task are almost completely out of frame. Now I’m gonna be honest, the only reason I bought these are because Bose is out of stock. But I saw the ‘Amazon’s Choice’ badge and thought it’d be fine. This seller is lucky that Amazon uses an algorithm to apply that badge and not real human beings actually digging deeper into the facts.

    Frank W.

  9. Ben S. (verified owner)

    These do the job. I want to start with that. They replace the old earpads just fine and LOOK the same. The leather is much more plastic feeling than the original Bose earpads. The original Bose are a much softer leather. They may soften a bit with age as leather has a tendency to do, but I wanted to start with that. They are not as comfortable. That said, they ARE more sweat resistant. Where as the Bose earpads absorbed sweat like a sponge these are a little more resistant to moisture. So that’s a perk. I replaced my originals because the leather was beginning to crack after two years from moisture. Audio: Excellent. They may actually be better. I really have no complain at all about the sound quality. I really do think they may sound better. It seems clearer. Installation: Easy enough, but make sure you get the L and R pads lines up on the right places. If they’re off it makes it more difficult to get the actual ear pads under the rings. Overall: 4. I wish they were more comfortable, and was disappointed they weren’t the soft leather, but there are some trade offs. If that’s a big deal for you, buy the Bose. If you just want a serviceable replacement that might outlast the originals, these are great for the price.

    Ben S.

  10. Jeff S. (verified owner)

    I’ve had my QC35’s for a few years now, and I bought these ear pads to replace the ones I had. This is the second time I’ve replaced the ear pads, and the previous set came from a different amazon seller. Even though I knew how to install them, I went to the instructional video mentioned on the little card that comes with these earpads, which was a pretty bad quality video. Even with following their directions on how to install the earpads, they separated from their own frame during installation. The frame is holding them on the headphones despite this, but it’s still something that shouldn’t happen. I would not buy these earpads from this seller again, and would not recommend them to a friend.

    Jeff S.

  11. Aki (verified owner)

    After two years with my QC35, the foam finally started to fall apart (which is not bad IMO) but also did not want to pay what Bose is asking for the replacement pads. I was a little worried about the pads being hard at first and all the negative reviews, I bought it without expecting much but surprisingly, the install was a breeze and the comfort is just like the QC35. I use my QC35 sometimes 5-6 hours a day so it sees a lot of use. I couldn’t tell that these pads were any different looking at the old OEM Bose and this new one. Even the screen with the L & R print looked identical. In either case, I’ll be happy to buy another pair in the future!


  12. Josh Skidmore (verified owner)

    My original QC35 cushions were starting to deteriorate and flake off on my face (a horrible look for the office), so I bought this kit as a replacement. Within about ten minutes, I was up and running with these new cushions. The kit included both the cushions as well as the L/R covers. My original L/R covers were fine, so I saved the kit’s covers for another time. As others have mentioned, these replacements are not quite as plush as the original, but it works out a bit better because my headphones actually fit in the Bose case now. The cushions create a great seal, and noise cancelling is the same as with the original cushions.

    Josh Skidmore

  13. William (verified owner)

    Okay Replacement for QC35


  14. Eric G. (verified owner)

    I bought these because the foam in the original cushions started coming out of the sides. They’re easy enough to replace, but does take some patience. Not the fault of these cushions, just the design with the headphones. Overall, they fit very well, they’re “almost” as soft as the OEM ones, but a tad bit firmer, but still very comfortable. I wear these to the gym, and haven’t had any problems with sweat causing any issues or deformities, and they wipe off easily. Save your money and get these instead of the OEM Bose replacement cushions. These are definitely good enough.

    Eric G.

  15. Ritz (verified owner)

    I use my Bose 35’s a lot at the leather ear cushions have worn out. These replacement cushions are a perfect fit and with a little finesse relatively simple to install. I recommend looking at the youtube video so you can see how it’s done. Instructions on how to find the video come with the ear cushions. The feel of the new cushions are a little stiff at first but that’s mostly because my old ones had been worn in so much. They adjust rather quickly.


  16. Supaklab (verified owner)

    These feel more comfortable than the originals. I was initially concerned about how these would be used to replace the originals, but the originals popped out nicely. Just pull the cushion its pretty self explanatory once the originals are pulled out. The originals were coming out at the seams showing the foam, granted they were about 2 years old and I wore them everyday at work essentially and while mowing. Couldn’t be happier with how easy these worked and the comfort level. Well worth the price!


  17. Andrias Scheuchzeri (verified owner)

    While I noticed these don’t muffle as much as the original pair, they seem highly durable and improves the original design. They come with a tool to help you during the installation and also a link to a video that shows how to do it. It was rather easy to do and I like that they are highly comfortable. I think the majority of customers won’t be able to tell the difference. With time I’ll be able to say how durable they were compared to the originals, plus I use my headphones for more than 10h every day. Would buy again even if they withstand only a year with proper care.

    Andrias Scheuchzeri

  18. Michael J Wood Sr. (verified owner)

    I bought the accessory house air cushions, last March 28,and they both wore out, But when to replace the second side I noticed that they were both marked Left,so they didn’t last a year! You can reach by alternative email address mwoody1618@gmail.com Michael J Wood 41 Southernview Dr Clarksburg Ma 01247 PS: I retired and live on a fix income and after I contacted them just me 2 replacement cushions. And that me very happy 😊

    Michael J Wood Sr.

  19. Dave (verified owner)

    I noticed that there were cheaper options on amazon regarding cushions for my QC 35’s however this one came with a plastic tool (not sure what you call it, but you can see it in their photos). Even though their instruction video does not show the use of this tool, it did make it alot easier for me to install the pads. Sad part, now that I have this tool, I doubt I will need to repurchase this brand’s set.


  20. ReconScout (verified owner)

    I would have given these five stars. They feel and look exactly like OEM product and are to exact specification. Install is straight forward and easy with the provided tool. Just make sure you have very good lighting. The only issue I had was that during installation, one of the ear pad seams partially split during install. I still managed to install the ear cushion however. Had that not happened, I would have given these 5 stars. Be very careful when working with the pad as you install it and try not to pull on the pad itself.


  21. Robert Hannon (verified owner)

    As most know, the ear cushions on the Bose QC-35 have a limited life. I ordered these replacement cushions since the material. The replacement set included the cushions, the inner cover for the speakers and the installation tool. The instructions provide a link to a youtube video that shows you how to replace the cushions. cover on the original The old cushions were easy to remove….just pull off and work your way around the edge of each cushion. The inner speaker covers will then be removed by pulling on them. Pay attention to the placement of the letters “R” and “L”. The speaker covers are attached with some adhesive. Remove the covers and Clean the adhesive off. Attach the new speaker covers. They are maked with an “R” and an “L”. Attach the speaker cover. Now attach the replacement ear cushions. The headphones where the ear cushions go have some small teeth. The ear cushions have corresponding gaps to push up against the teeth. Use the installation tool to help push the ear cushions on to the gripping teeth. Do this for both sets. I start at the top and work my way around.

    Robert Hannon

  22. Jose Caraballo (verified owner)

    Fit perfectly on my bose headphones and it is super easy to install. I honestly thought I’d have to buy a new pair and didnt want after market addins. But after installation they look and feel exactly as if they were new. Not only that, but it made the noise cancellation work better. I didnt realize that over time with wear and tear the noise cancellation doesnt work as well. So it’s a nice surprise and honestly this is one of the best purchases I made for restoring a great pair of expensive headphones. 5 stars

    Jose Caraballo

  23. Daniel Finazzo (verified owner)

    The Product: duct The cushions appear to be stock Bose material – perfect ! The Installation Support: The suggested supporting YouTube video – slow down, focus and show detail. No mention of the L and R covers and what to expect during replacement. Placement of the covers is critical fitting the foam pads! You included a crevice tool and using that tool the installation turned out to be manageable!

    Daniel Finazzo

  24. Dustin Ruth (verified owner)

    Spoiler: these aftermarket ear cups are slightly stiffer than the OEM ones that came with the headphones. These are totally worth getting for your noise cancelling Bose headphones. While they are slightly stiffer than the original ear cups, I barely noticed it after a couple days of use. Noise cancelling sounds just fine and these ear cups actually feel more durable than the OEM ones. The factory cups were so soft that over time, the speaker on each side begins to almost touch your ear canal. Therefore, I feel these aftermarket cups will last longer than the originals. Also, the customer service is fast and friendly if there are any issues with your order. Thanks for a great product!

    Dustin Ruth

  25. Joseph Rodriguez (verified owner)

    I purchased and quickly returned a the same product that was sold on Amazon for about $10 less. The quality and ease of installation is excellent on this product. Do watch the AHG video first because it shows you the best way to install the earpads. the blue tool included with the order was very helpful in snapping the pads into place. Highly recommend them.

    Joseph Rodriguez

  26. Craig and Denice (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for your prompt response to a question I had before I got these today. I couldn’t find the model number in my headphones before I ordered the replacement cushions. I thought I was ordering the right ones by looking at the photos. I have the QC25 headphones and I ordered the QC35 replacement ear cushions. The L and R liners were a little bit bigger on the QC35 and they don’t have the notch in them to fit the QC25. I put the old liner on top of the new liner and cut the excess and the notch. They fit wonderfully. Thanks again.

    Craig and Denice

  27. I. Hdez. (verified owner)

    The most important reason you would want the Bose replacement is the ability to have the headsets over your earlobes all day without any discomfort. Then, these ones look exactly like the original ones; however, they are firmer, which makes a huge difference. I ended up installing the original replacement from Bose.

    I. Hdez.

  28. AudioLover (verified owner)

    These are great! Some may complain about the difference of quality but the difference is minute. I feel like they may become softer over time. With these, I will get years of more great audio from my headphones! I don’t think they affect noise cancellation. They were relatively easy to install. Make sure to work with a bright light! It’s much easier to install with good lighting. If you are confused the video is very helpful.


  29. fenrysk (verified owner)

    First youtube search result for tutorial on replacing pads on the QC35 links back to these, which I had purchased before looking up the guide. removal of old pads and installing new ones is very easy, no excessive force required. Makes my QC35 feel brand new again. My original pads lasted me a little over a year through heavy use. I’ll probably be getting this brand of replacement pads again when I eventually wear out the pads again.


  30. Maggie (verified owner)

    These installed easily and may work fine for the casual user. I probably wear my headphones 30 hours/week, and could tell immediately with one original and one replacement ear cushion on that these are more firm and don’t conform to my head as well. If you don’t plan on wearing these often or taking several flights/sleeping on planes in them MAYBE you want to roll the dice. Otherwise, heed this review and the others concerned with comfort, pony up $12 extra for the real ones and don’t worry about regretting which ones you bought on your next hundred flights.


  31. The_Huntsman (verified owner)

    At first glance there is no difference between the original ear-pads and these. I live in my QC 35’s so to me there is a big difference between the Bose brand ear-pads and these. While these are not as soft and did not quite meet my expectations, I am happy that I ordered them so I can get a few more years out of my headphones. Visually there is no difference between the products on the outside but on the inside, these do have a different type of foam, one that is fuller and a bit more firm. While these do make that ‘seal’ around your ear they do feel like they will last a bit longer but time will tell on that note. The installation was quick and simple and only took 5 minutes. It does come with a QR code that links to a video that shows step by step instructions and it was very helpful on getting started. Those that are on the fence about buying this, I would strongly recommend these, but if you heavily use your headphones like I do I would recommend betting the original replacements.


  32. Quinn Blaiklock (verified owner)

    Replaced the pads on my bose 35s with these pads. Slightly stiffer than the originals, but they look nicely robust. The AHG video was rather unhelpful – shaky visuals, haphazard delivery – but gave me enough of an idea of what to do. My stinky, torn earpieces are gone and I’ll see how these perform! Thanks for a good product! Update, March 1, 2019 The stiffer earpieces were a bit of a turn off initially – until they warmed on my ears and molded perfectly to my head. I had an annoying high pitched squeal with my headphones if I pressed the headset against my pillow just right, but that issue has disappeared with firmer earpieces. Noise cancelling is better, fit is better, and there’s absolutely no movement of the earpads when I’m sleeping. Well done!

    Quinn Blaiklock

  33. E (verified owner)

    Like: The padding on my headphones now looks and feels virtually indistinguishable from the original headphones I bought. These are like new now. I would buy again if I wear these down. Dislike: I could see how someone limited in manual dexterity and/or patience would have a difficult time with the installation of these replacement pads. I recommend carefully reading the instructions, watching the online video referred to by the instructions, and just staying calm as you try to tuck that plastic edge under the headphone “teeth”.


  34. walter murray (verified owner)

    It is fair easy to install. Removing the old ear pad is trivial. There is a youtube video but I did it before watching. There are I think 8 little nubs (or teeth) and the rim of the ear piece has to go under them. The rim is flexible and getting most in is easy but you may have a couple you have to fiddle with. Looking where the nubs are helps.

    walter murray

  35. Sarah (verified owner)

    Thank you for offering a more cost effective solution to getting my headphones back up and running. I was very disappointed when my Bose ear cushions began to fall apart, and when I looked up what they wanted for replacements, they were almost double what you are currently charing. So happy I found this alternative. They shipped fast and were easy to install.


  36. JE (verified owner)

    Pros: These replacement pads are quite comfy and they look nice. Do a good job of blocking out noise. Cons: The “R” and “L” label sheets that come with it (these are the things that separately get adhered to the back of the ear-cradle on the headphone) don’t adhere that easily at first, but the pads will hold them in place once you install the pads. They take about 5 minutes to install (you have to squeeze the lip of the pads in between these 8 little teeth that go around the edge of the cradle)


  37. Drorge (verified owner)

    I bought several ear pads to replace my old QC35 ones. These were the best I received. They feel and look like the originals and they are almost have the price. I would recommend them over several other that have tons of reviews and I end up buying but didn’t compare to these.


  38. Kat S (verified owner)

    I bought these because they were available on short notice prior to a long plane trip and cost less than the official Bose ones. They served their purpose, but I found they were not able to create a good seal around my glasses frames. Definitely better than my falling apart originals, but I ultimately also bought the official Bose ones and am much happier with the real deal. I’m also sensitive to pressure on my temples, and found that even without glasses these eventually hurt to wear around hour 3. If you don’t wear glasses or succumb to headaches easily though, I doubt you could tell the difference!

    Kat S

  39. Kao Saephanh (verified owner)

    I love that it was very easy to install and came with a tool that helped make it seamless. it’s still early but it seems that the materials are durable and looks expertly fabricated. all the reviews prepared me for the cushion not being as large or comfortable as the Bose branded ones but if these don’t fall apart and give black dandruff then I’m ok with that. overall, good value for the monies 🙂

    Kao Saephanh

  40. Henry (verified owner)

    I’ve had my headphones for about 2.5 years now and the pads started to come apart, so I decided to go with these since they have such good reviews. At first, they were quite a bit stiffer than the original ones, but they became softer after a few days of regular use. Although, I can’t speak for durability since I’ve only had these for about 3 months now.


  41. Or Ben Porath (verified owner)

    After 2 years with my Bose QC35 the cushions were almost entirely gone, started to crumble slowly. I’ve order a replacement from AHG and was really surprised with the high build quality, almost 1:1 to the original, with the only difference being a bit different silver color of the cushion. All in all, it’s alot more than you could expect, the manual and video provided were helpful and installation was really straightforward (although it took me a couple of minutes to get the hang of that). The headphones seems brand new with these replacement cushions and I’m super satisfied. Don’t hesitate!

    Or Ben Porath

  42. Victor Sanchez (verified owner)

    As you can see in the pictures, the of us smaller than the original and it does not reduce the passive noice cancelation as you would expect. They are soft on touch but less puffy. You can tell the lower quality of it.

    Victor Sanchez

  43. Torrey (verified owner)

    Well, this is not exactly the same feeling as the original one from Bose, but I should say that it is good and I am satisfied with it. I wear my QC35 >6 hours most of the weekdays, so you know it should be comfortable enough for me to work. At first, when I receive it, it feels harder than my original one and I almost return it. But after I put it on for half an hour, I start to get used to it and I didn’t feel any uncomfortable. To sum up, I would like to say that it is good for the price.


  44. Chicken (verified owner)

    The paint from my original ones was peeling off, so I knew it was time to replace them. I was nervous when I bought the replacement, but when the knew ones arrived, they looked great. They feel a little different from the original ones, but they still comfortable.


  45. IObaydi (verified owner)

    Received the shipment with professional packaging. I watched the quick YouTube video and got the basic idea on how the cushions are attached to the headset. removing the cushions were easier then I thought. installation was a bit tricky but were not difficult at all. one gripe is the L/R inserts were a bit over sized and were in the way of the cushions inset tabs on the head sets. It was a easy fix just trimmed them with a pair of scissors and Bam….. All Good…..


  46. Chandler Swenson (verified owner)

    I must have gotten a bad batch, but these do not fit at all. Most I can get is half the clips at once. Bose OEM snap in and out with ease. Foam is also not as soft. Creates a good deal, but the whole reason I replaced is that my originals weren’t as comfortable as they used to be. These do not feel more comfortable than worn out OEM foam. Will return and try to buy OEM

    Chandler Swenson

  47. Jim Lovell (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these replacement ear cushions. It was like an overhaul on my headphones, the noise cancellation is even better. I guess I hadn’t realized how much the original cushions had loosened/softened. The originals had torn from the inside, driving my need to replace, along with some wear from frequent usage. These new cushions are amazing and were incredibly easy to install. After watching the video I was actually able to install them in less time than the video. Great product, I’ll be back for more!

    Jim Lovell

  48. Atlas L. (verified owner)

    The original cups on my Bose QC 35 headphones were worn out from years of use between gaming, movies, travel, etc. These however were very comfortable as soon as I installed them and didn’t need a break in period. They were easy to install and they came with a link to a video that helps you install them if you’re having trouble.

    Atlas L.

  49. CRW (verified owner)

    I overpaid through an amazon vendor in hopes that I wouldn’t be purchasing through some odd 3rd party and get pads that wouldn’t give me a headache, but oh-my-luck I spent the extra bucks and these don’t fit. I’m sure it’s just poor quality control, but if you have Bose QC35’s don’t waste your time here.


  50. N.Yakoby (verified owner)

    Easy to replace. All the pieces needed are included in the bag including a plastic tool to lock the ear cushiona in place. Watch the instructions video once before installation. Takes about 10 minutes to replace both sides. The ear cushions are not as comfortable as bose original ones but are very close. After few days with them i feel like they make my ears sweat faster then the originals did. to summarize these are good replacement ear cushions but do not expect the same comfort as the originals.


  51. Joseph Valenzi (verified owner)

    This product is easy to install and the dimensions of the retaining ring are very good compared to the original. But they are NOT as comfortable as the original. They are thinner and narrower. They don’t have as much foam in them. You definitely lose some of that wonderful plushness that the original foam pads had in my Bose. Next time I will get genuine Bose replacements

    Joseph Valenzi

  52. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    I was kinda skeptical with these since there no oem. However, these are absolutely just as good as the oems if not better. Some of the reviews say they are not as comfortable as the oems but I dont find that to be the case. They are very comfortable. I wear them all day at work so 8 to 9 hours a day and they stay comfortable. The noise cancellation is superb, install was easy enough. I would most definitely recommend these to anyone who are looking for the best replacements possible. Im a hard to please guy and I would give these a 20 out of 10 if possible.

    Amazon Customer

  53. DrOrthoPR (verified owner)

    Ear Pads are a great way to extend the lifespan of your Headset. I travel frequently and find noise-cancelling headphones to be an essential for long flights. The original Bose pads had been damaged by humidity and were leaving a film residue around my ears and neck. These were a very good replacement for the priginals. Although less foamy (which gives it less of a snug fit around the ear, they are extremely easy to replace and very comfortable. For the price, it is a no-brainer. A+


  54. Joseph (verified owner)

    Comparing them side by side these are definitely smaller than the original earpads but they are still quite comfortable on my ear and i cant notice a difference when they are on my head. I am not sure how the noise cancelling was before because i never really tested by my son says he can hear my music so if thats the case I definitely annoyed people on my flights with sound leakage. sorry people


  55. Paul E. Perry (verified owner)

    I have had Bose headphones for years. They are the best I have ever seen. The only parts that wear out are the ear cushions. The soft leather that makes the ear pieces so comfortable are subject to wear and tear from contact with hair, beard, etc. After years of taping, gluing, and other makeshift repairs, I learned that these replacement ear cushions are available. They are the same as originals. They are a little hard to snap into place, but once in place, they stay there. I would never use anything else.

    Paul E. Perry

  56. Ginger Vivion (verified owner)

    My sad Bose headphones (QC-35) have taken a beating over the last 3 years. The ear cushions looked as if they’d been dragged behind a car, which is what you’d expect for using them all day, every day. I was hesitant to re-purchase from Bose, mainly because of the expense. I was delighted to find these on Amazon for a fraction of the name brand replacements! They were easy to install, and they showed up in less than 24 hours from purchase. If you’re in need of replacements, ORDER THESE! You won’t be sorry.

    Ginger Vivion

  57. Tsiriniaina R. (verified owner)

    Great replacements if you loose yours. I had difficulties to replace them, but after following some Youtube videos, I succeeded at last. But my Bose, before it was lost, was almost like new. I recommend it!

    Tsiriniaina R.

  58. David A. Derbort (verified owner)

    Initially the price is what attracted we to the product not the lowest or highest price but midrange. The ear pad arrived as promised ant I had very little difficulty removing the old pads and installing the replacements. They fit well in the headset so we will see if the durability is better than the OEM ear pads.

    David A. Derbort

  59. NickT (verified owner)

    Nothing wrong with this product. It is just that I immediately realize it is clearly more harder (perhaps even thinner) than my original pads. I no longer feel the comfortableness that I felt with my original one.


  60. Arya Boudaie (verified owner)

    My Bose headphone cups started ripping, so I got these to replace them. Very easy to do, and the result is identical to the original. This is gonna double the life of these headphones.

    Arya Boudaie

  61. Dieter J. Fellner (verified owner)

    These replacement cushions for the Bose QC35 are easy to fit and restore functionality to the device, as new. The original old cushions deteriorate slowly, along with the proportional degradation in function. I almost ordered a new QC35. Glad I didn’t. If only the Bose people would change the set to allow use while charging the battery………

    Dieter J. Fellner

  62. Patrick Kramer (verified owner)

    I wish I didn’t replace them as I can wear my QC35s any more because the replacement scrims don’t protect the plastic areas of thew headphone that cut into my ears, these are garbage.

    Patrick Kramer

  63. Rodolfo G. (verified owner)

    I got these to replace the Original bose ear cups. After about 6 months of use in the gym the OEM pads split on my wife’s QC35 II headphones. I wanted to order the OEM ear cup replacements from Bose but because I’m stationed overseas they wouldn’t ship them to my FPO-AP address. I was originally apprehensive about ordering these specific pads but I know that with Amazons easy return policy I could give them a shot. Well I received my pads this week and installed them in about 5 minutes on Saturday. I read a lot of the reviews about how hard they were to install but I didn’t find that to be an issue at all. The fit and finish of these replacement earcups is indistinguishable from the ones they replaced. My wife is glad I made the purchase.

    Rodolfo G.

  64. Aman Sandhu (verified owner)

    I really love these quick replacements for the earpiece especially with the originals break so easily. This has lasted me almost as much time as the original ear pieces lasted. So far no breaking, tearing, or anything. I really enjoy this replacement and if ever needed I’ll be sure to rebuy these again. 100% worth buying from here.

    Aman Sandhu

  65. Vanessa (verified owner)

    These look and work just the same as the Bose and for a fraction of the price. I use my headphones five days a week, pretty much all day long, and these have held even better than the original ones.


  66. InOrlando (verified owner)

    Definitely NOT Bose quality, but they’re comfortable enough and, well: they fit. The padding is narrower than the Boss original ear pads so the noise cancelling is reduced.


  67. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    It was a royal pain to install but after much struggle I managed to get all tabs secured minus one, I gave up, and the installation tool was bent out of shape. It works great and is just as comfortable as the original ones.

    Amazon Customer

  68. David Ramos (verified owner)

    I replaced my original ear cushions that were worn out/ripped and noticed the quality of the noise cancellation go up. The replacements are just as comfortable and I haven’t encountered any issues since installing them. The replacement ear cushions looked smaller than the originals, but that was because the stuffing was coming out and I probably forgot how they used to look. Installation wasn’t too bad except getting the last bit of the cushion in. (The instruction video provided was helpful)

    David Ramos

  69. D. Fantasia (verified owner)

    Read so many reviews and finally landed on these. I use the Q35 on the plane for all my traveling. These work as well as the factory ones. They do seem a bit more dense/firm, but I’ve had them for a few months and are either getting used to them or softening a bit.

    D. Fantasia

  70. Kacee (verified owner)

    Call me crazy, but I was about to purchase a new pair of Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones before I discovered these replacement pads! I honestly didn’t know the pads could be replaced, but I was pleased to find out they do. My photo shows the old worn out pads, which lasted about 2 years. You can’t go wrong with paying a small amount money to extend the life of these bad boys. The material on the new pads is only slightly more stiff than the original, but I’m sure they will wear in over time. Happy happy buyer! Wearing them right now while I write this. 🙂


  71. escavideo (verified owner)

    I bought the middle priced ones (these) but just after two weeks of use the left side started coming off from the seam. Is it a marketing trick so I buy another pair right away? they suck.


  72. Raarules86 (verified owner)

    Was apprehensive on how easy these would be to install and how comparable they would feel to the original earcushions. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to put these replacements on and how good they felt on my ears. I won’t say they are as comfortable as the original ear cushions but when considering the price is 1/2 of the cost of bose brand replacements, i am satisfied.


  73. Nick (verified owner)

    You wouldn’t even be able to tell that these aren’t OEM. They fit very well, feel very comfortable, and the noise cancellation feature is not compromised.


  74. D. M. Sammons (verified owner)

    They arrived quickly. They fit perfectly!! Easy install. I placed these midnight blue earpads on my Black QC 35 II to make my headphones more unique… and I love them!

    D. M. Sammons

  75. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Like new! This is third pair of these I have bought. Comes with a little tool to put them in. I wear them everyday and most nights. They last a year or a little more with my super heavy usage. Very comfortable and helps me extend the life of my QC35s, which are still going strong! I go with this brand because the material is the same or better than Bose OEM.

    Amazon Customer

  76. Mrintimate (verified owner)

    Just like the ones that original ones that came with my Bose QC35. You must be careful with the installation. Make sure the sides fit under the clips all around. Not too bad because the pads are very flexible. It feels like I have a new pair of headphones.


  77. Rafael (verified owner)

    The original lasted 10 months before they broke at the cover joining lines. I had this for 5 days. Let see how long they last. 12.15.2019 Follow up: The one I got last year lasted @14 mos after a daily use @ 12-14hrs. I live in a noisy area of town, that’s why the long hours wearing the headphones


  78. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    I was so disappointed when my less than one year old QC35 headphones had a tear on one of the pads, right on the seam. I was reluctant to purchase these as they were much more affordable than the OEM replacements available from the manufacturer. Fear not – these feel and fit just like my headphones did before the tear. So glad I purchased these!

    Amazon Customer

  79. G. Wade (verified owner)

    I am really pleased with the results of this purchase. I had to replace my worn ear pads and these were easy to install and to me are just as good as the pads replaced. I would recommend !

    G. Wade

  80. Nelson (verified owner)

    Cushions are holding up well after 3 months of daily use. I use it everyday and have no complaints with it. Initially felt different as OEM cushions but I no longer can tell the difference. Very easy to install


  81. Matt Kandt (verified owner)

    I usually don’t do reviews for anything. This was a great product to replace the cushions on my headphones. They are comfortable, look just like the originals, and were easy to install. The little tool which comes with it made it a breeze to complete. I was impressed that they shipped so quickly with everything else shut down, and there’s a link to a video to show people how to do it. Coming from a small (by small I mean team of 1) company, I was very pleased.

    Matt Kandt

  82. Austin S (verified owner)

    My 5 year old QC35’s finally had the earpads fail at about the same time. This was super easy to do and was less than 10 minutes for both of them. Plenty of youtube videos on how to do it.

    Austin S

  83. christopher (verified owner)

    These replacement cushions were a godsend after my original ones were destroyed during a supernatural experience. I thought installing them would be difficult but after the damage done to my stock cushions by an ethereal manifestation of an unnamed member of Amdusias’ wicked legion, I found replacing them was easier than tieing my own shoe! In no time I was able to get back to listening to Gregorian Chants and Joel Olsteen sermons! Praise be!


  84. RJST12 (verified owner)

    Like the colors…easy install. The pads are soft but for some reason I keep thinking the Bose pads are slightly softer. Good price for these though.


  85. GAK (verified owner)

    These are not adequate replacements for BOSE QC35, and should not be advertised as such. Unlike BOSE earpads, these do not cover my ears and are half as thick. I wear my phones to bed and need comfort.


  86. Roddy Hannah (verified owner)

    My bose Quiet Comforts were always awesome. However through using them every day the “Ear Pillow” was wearing out. They were no longer coated with their black vinyl and they started leaving black marks on the side of my face. It was a problem. I looked like I had not bathed or was changing oil in my office. These were an upgrade. They are comfortable and easy to install. It took all of 5 minutes to have them installed. My old Bose is just like new. They are super comfortable and were a great update to the old worn “Ear Pillows”.

    Roddy Hannah

  87. Nayma (verified owner)

    I love the fact that I was able to replace my damaged ear cushions at a reasonable price, thank you for the great follow up skills, I am very please


  88. Jacob (verified owner)

    Color: BlackVerified Purchase These replacements are good not great. They fit on the headphones well and look good. They look like they are the original cushions that came with the headphones. But the don’t FEEL like the originals. The have a cheap “fake foam” feel. They’re too “springy.” The originals have a memory foam like feel to them. These do not have that same feel.


  89. J. Craw (verified owner)

    Easy to install fits on both my Bose QC15 and QC25. I only notice a slight difference in comfort but only after 3-4 hours on binge watching.

    J. Craw

  90. JUDY HARMONY (verified owner)

    Very similar to original Boze ones which didn’t even last a year. They were a bit difficult to install, though. Good value for the price.


  91. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    These are solid for replacing the original cushions; however, they are slightly thinner. Sound is still great, but slightly less comfortable. That being said, the price + product = No Brainer.

    Amazon Customer

  92. Xolixia (verified owner)

    Pretty awesome! I only needed to replace one of the pads, and there’s a noticeable difference in softness of cushion. One (the one that didn’t need replacing) was more cushiony and soft, and the replacement was less so. But that didn’t change the comfort. I was worried at first that it would, but the headphones with the replacement are just as great as when I first bought them. 🙂


  93. Cherish O. (verified owner)

    I would just go get the replaceable ear pads from Bose itself. These definitely were not as comfortable so ended up with two pairs

    Cherish O.

  94. Ed (verified owner)

    The tool that came with the cushions made it easy to take out the old ones and install the new ones. Cushions are comfortable and feel like the original ones.


  95. AMC (verified owner)

    Love these! Perfect replacement item that will hopefully keep my daughter in the same noise-cancelling headphones for quite a lot longer.


  96. Jay (verified owner)

    This thing is easy to install, has all the things require you to install earcups into QC 35. Must buy for a replacement, instead of going through the Bose ones which are much expensive and whose ratings are not that high as well. ‘ Good Job Manufacturers. Cheers.


  97. Nayma (verified owner)

    I love the fact that I was able to replace my damaged ear cushions at a reasonable price, thank you for the great follow up skills, I am very pleased.


  98. Amanda Grady (verified owner)

    Perfect replacements for the Bose headphones! Super easy to install. Look and feel great, sound great. These are perfect.

    Amanda Grady

  99. Blunt Honesty. (verified owner)

    These are a SNAP to put on. Will make your Bose seem like new. Even if your regular ones are just worn down, you’ll notice a difference, especially in the feel and noise cancellation.

    Blunt Honesty.

  100. R. Bera (verified owner)

    Not only did this product include the ear cushions, but it included new soft pad membranes with the L and R on them. Installation is pretty easy as all of the old parts can easily be pulled off, the membrane pads included. The awesome thing is that this box also came with a great and simple tool useful to snap all sides of the ear cushions into the tabs on the headphones. Comfortable and sturdy

    R. Bera

  101. Abdullah (verified owner)

    amazing product! they have almost the same quality of the original ones. easy to install i have tried it now for a week and i absolutely love them. the company emailed me several times if i need something or if there is something wrong with the product. Very nice to see this care about the clients


  102. AlexL (verified owner)

    Very easy to install and comfortable to wear for long periods. On the pricey side. There are many cheaper options which may be comparable.


  103. Marco (verified owner)

    Two years after buying the QC35’s Series 1, the cushion started to peel off. Although it didn’t denied Bose’s high quality sound and ANC, they looked awful (and I wanted to sell them). Just got’em, followed the Youtube and mini instructions tutorial and voila!, the headphones are good as new. They even feel like the original ones. Installation was quite easy and fitment was as expected.


  104. K. Brennan (verified owner)

    I my 14 year son watched the video. And he did a great job attaching them on my BOSE. I feel like I have a brand new BOSE

    K. Brennan

  105. B. L. Allen (verified owner)

    Seller provided a little tool to get the cushion installed and now they fit perfectly and I can block out all outside noise!

    B. L. Allen

  106. Quincy T (verified owner)

    They were very easy to install, and the seal around the ear exactly like the stock ear pads.

    Quincy T

  107. Nicholas Chavis (verified owner)

    These replacement ear pads are perfect for my QC-35’s. At first i was a bit skeptical of them because they aren’t directly from BOSE……and i didn’t want to deal with the issues of these “rip off” china brands returning the product or anything. They even came with an instructional video for installation purposes. Great Product!

    Nicholas Chavis

  108. John Royal (verified owner)

    Quality product. Only issue is occasional installation issues. This the second set of these that I have used over the years. Care needs to be taken during seating of the pads.

    John Royal

  109. Anthony (verified owner)

    I bought these to replace my old and worn cushions and I have to say that install was a breeze and my QCs are like new again. Great investment!


  110. JUDY HARMONY (verified owner)

    Very similar to original Boze ones which didn’t even last a year. They were a bit difficult to install, though. Good value for the price


  111. R. Bera (verified owner)

    Not only did this product include the ear cushions, but it included new soft pad membranes with the L and R on them. Installation is pretty easy as all of the old parts can easily be pulled off, the membrane pads included. The awesome thing is that this box also came with a great and simple tool useful to snap all sides of the ear cushions into the tabs on the headphones. Comfortable and sturdy cushions, They were quite simple to install with the help of the tool included.

    R. Bera

  112. Abdullah (verified owner)

    amazing product! they have almost the same quality of the original ones. easy to install i have tried it now for a week and i absolutely love them. the company emailed me several times if i need something or if there is something wrong with the product. Very nice to see this care about the clients highly recommend it!


  113. Omar (verified owner)

    I thought that I would have to replace my 300 bose head phones because the foam ear cushions were torn. For 20 bucks the ear phones are like new. They are easy to install but i would watch a video on how to do it just in case. Great product.


  114. Justin Nosenzo (verified owner)

    An exact match to the original product (as far as I can tell). Instructional YouTube video referenced in the step-by-step pamphlet was more than adequate and it was easier to install then I thought it would be – my three year old headphones that had the ear pads blown out now look and feel brand new for around $20 👌

    Justin Nosenzo

  115. Melissa (verified owner)

    Super easy to install! Feels great and makes my QC35s look and feel practically brand new! Would definitely buy again.