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Bose QC25 Replacement Pads

Replacement Ear Pads and Headband Cushion pad compatible with Bose QuietComfort 25 (QC25) Headphones – NOT Compatible with Any Other Models

Product Information:

REVIVE YOUR QC25 HEADPHONES – Like a best mate your QC25 headphones have been there for you. They have made the long flights comfortable, public transport bearable and given you the ‘Sorry, did not hear you’ card for any of your responsibilities.

They are the gift that keeps on giving and it is time you returned the favour. Give your QC25 headphones a new lease on life with these AHG ear pads and headband.

AHG DESIGN AND BUILD QUALITY – DESIGNED IN THE UNITED KINGDOM. We have upgraded the headband with PU leather and soft foam instead of the cloth material. We have developed our own high-grade protein leather, combined it with a high-density soft foam and shaped the ear pads with ideal dimensions.

The new AHG protein leather is smooth and soft and will gradually conform to your ear shape over the first few weeks of listening; giving you the comfort you need to enjoy your tunes.

QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION – Some DIY skills are needed but my Mum and Dad managed to install this combo pack in 20 minutes (and they are all thumbs), so you should be fine!

Detailed written instructions are included, and you can watch our step-by-step video guides to make the process silky smooth. Videos are at the bottom go this page.


You will only need to supply a pair of scissors and a little elbow grease.

AHG PROMISE – All AHG customers can access our product tutorials, unboxings, reviews and other great content for FREE. Satisfaction and quality are our priorities.

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Product Description:

Have you owned your QC25 headphones for a while? If so then you are probably noticing flaking material and an overall loss of comfort/performance.

Give your QC25 headphones a new lease on life with this Accessory House replacement ear pads and headband package deal. Our ear pads and headband are made with top quality protein leather, to help maximize comfort and longevity.

Accessory House includes specialized clips with our headband!

Don’t getting stuck without these clips as once you cut off the headband there is no going back and the original clips are not compatible anymore!

Accessory House guarantees the ear pads and headband cushion are 100% compatible and comfortable or your money back with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!!

Headband Installation Video:

Ear Pad Installation Video:

Best quality Bose QC25 Replacement Pads



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bose qc25 replacement pads

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  1. Paul (verified owner)

    My QC 15’s had been laying dormant for over a year now due to the fact that both the ear pads and headband were deteriorating significantly. I ordered this replacement kit, watched the Youtube videos and replaced everything in a matter of minutes. I think it took me longer to watch the actual Youtube videos than it did to actually complete the replacement. That being said, don’t skip out on the videos as they provide excellent instruction and tips on how to properly perform the replacement. The kit also comes with two sets of liner replacements. One pair is similar to the original black liner I had in my QC15’s and the other pair is a blue pair with “L” and “R” printed on it. I chose the latter pair because the only other indication of L vs. R earcups is on the headset itself printed in very small letters. The comfort on the replacement pads and headband is excellent and very comparable to the original feel. The only tools I used from the kit were the small screwdriver and the included paper clip to loop around the zipper, making it easier to zip up. When cutting off old headband, make sure to follow the video instructions and cut down the side of the old band. In haste and before watching the video, I cut down the middle on the top of the band itself. Luckily, I didn’t clip the wire which lies underneath the middle of the headband. Again, just take a few minutes to watch each video and you will have no issues removing the old pads and headband and installing the new ones.


  2. S. Williams (verified owner)

    I had to replace both the top pad and the earpads on my old Bose headphones. The fabric? was totally disintegrating, and leaving disgusting slimy black smuts EVERYWHERE. If your heaphones are slimy (as mine were), and you’re replacing both headband and ear pads, watch BOTH videos and see how to remove the old parts. Step one: pre-install the tiny screws into the clips. (This will make sense when you watch the videos.) At this time, unscrew the old headband clips and remove the old clips. (That step is not mentioned in the video.) Step two: Remove both the old headband and both ear pads. Discard these. I suggest nuking them from space. They will continue to slime everything they come close to with sticky black smuts. Step three: Wash your hands with lots of soap and water. Get all the black smuts off. Then get a very damp paper towel with some liquid soap on it, and clean the headphones. Get ALL the black smuts off the headphones. Then take a damp paper towel and clean the insides of your case. Those bumpy supports for the ear pieces will also be slimed with black smuts. Get ALL the black smuts off that you possibly can. Wash your hands again. You will have more slimy back smuts on your hands. Step four: go back to the videos and continue the process. I suggest doing the headband first, then the earpads. I didn’t do Step Two, and I am COVERED with slimy black smuts. Cleaning off the black smuts was the most time consuming and difficult part of the process. Everything else was a piece of cake and just took a bit of patience and common sense. Do watch the videos, and read the (very tiny print) instructions. The instructions include steps which are not covered in the videos. The videos clearly demonstrate the slightly tricky parts. And they’re not very tricky – but having the videos makes it truly simple.

    S. Williams

  3. Barbydee (verified owner)

    I bought these ear pads and head band using my wife’s Amazon account. When the package arrived it had her name on it, so she took everything out of the package and gave me the ear pads, the cloth inserts and the replacement head band. She did not give me any of the instructions except for what was inside the individual packages. She didn’t give me any of the 8.5″ x 11″ pages that described how if these items don’t fit you likely ordered the wrong parts. So I took my Bose QC-2 headphones and laid them to the side and then open the two packages and took out all of the parts shipped. I then laid them all out in front of me and by just looking at everything together, determined what went where and how. The headband has a zipper on one side and padding on the other so it’s easy to determine which side goes up and which side goes down or against the head, in this case. I’m not and engineer, I am a geologist, but even to me this was a quick and easy process. I had everything removed from my headphones and the new items installed in about seven minutes. My headphones look new again and work just as they did when I first purchased them more than 10 years ago. Another plus is that I received the ear pads, the cloth inserts and the headband for about the same price as I would have paid Bose for just the ear pads.


  4. Mark Brickman (verified owner)

    I bought this replacement set after noticing my Bose Quiet Comfort 15 (QC15) head and ear pads were disintegrating and dropping little black foam pieces on me. I researched the issue and found that others had reported the same problem. Not wanting to have to buy new noise cancelling head phones I looked for a lower cost solution. I ordered the Accessory House replacement ear cushions and head pad. The pads arrived on time and included the tools needed to refit my Bose QC15 head phones. Accessory House has videos on youtube with instructions on how to make the pad changes. I installed the ear pads first as instructed in the first video and then did the head pad after watching a second video with instructions on that operation. So far I’m completely satisfied with the result. I recommend this product my only caveats are: 1. Tools included are not the same as in the videos but do the job. 2. Watch the appropriate video before you start any replacements. One video is for ear pad replacement the other for replacing the head pad. 3. Follow all the instructions in the videos especially when replacing the head pad.

    Mark Brickman

  5. Gom (verified owner)

    The original headband and earpads were in a terrible state, dirty and smelly. I order the replacement, but the wrong model (I thought needed the Q15 replacement, but I later learned I have the Q25 earphones). I watched the video while installing the parts. The video was very clear and easy to follow, I could not have done it without it. But, because I ordered the wrong model, the headband piece was too large and the clips too small. I contacted Brandon by email, and got an immediate reply. I sent him the pics of my headphones, he figured out the right model and sent me a replacement at no cost. After cleaning them and with the new kit, my headphones are good to wear again!


  6. Phil W. (verified owner)

    I needed to refurbish my Bose QC15 headphones. I brought them back from being ready for the trash with this kit. Bose does sell OEM ear cushions, but they offer no way to refurbish the headband. This kit was a perfect fit. While the little plastic clips on the headband do have a slightly different profile to accommodate the zipper on the replacement headband, you really wouldn’t notice it unless someone pointed it out. I finished off the refurbishment with a Bluetooth adapter for the QC15 and saved hundreds by not needing to upgrade to new headphones to get all the modern features.

    Phil W.

  7. Kindle Customer (verified owner)

    Spending $250+ on a set of Bose headphones and then have the earpads and headband deteriorate after a few years is worrisome. I did A LOT of homework and wanted something as close to the original as possible. Accessory House provided great leather earpads and a great leather headband as well as all the hardware, small screwdriver and a link to their installation video. I am NOT mechanically inclined but it was VERY easy to install all of this by following their video. I absolutely LOVE the way they turned out and it looks just like the original leather pieces that came with the Bose (QC15) headphones. Thank you guys for providing a great product and I will definitely buy this again in several years.

    Kindle Customer

  8. Chris (verified owner)

    About 5 years ago I bought a separate headband and ear pads for my QC15 and they’ve lasted this long, however the headband wasn’t anything more than a zippered pouch (like the one that comes with this kit) and didn’t, as a result, look factory. I needed to get new ones so I shopped Amazon and found this combo. WOW. Talk about a good deal… not only did it come with new ear pads, but two options for replacing the lining inside (which the previous kit I purchased didn’t have). But what makes this kit so awesome is the headband that comes with replacement parts to secure down (and hide) the ends. My QC15 looks like a new set of phones… thank you for a great product that was super easy to install (took me about 5 mins to do it all).


  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I am impressed with the quality of the components. I did not find any issues with the the zipper or material composition as noted in other reviews. My initial impression is that these are at least as good as the original Bose parts. The repair process went exactly as described…very clear and easy to follow. I was very deliberate, took my time, and was able to complete the job in under 30 minutes including testing. I used an “exacto” knife type blade to remove the old headband, carefully making my cut on one of the sides to stay away from the speaker wire. The old material came off easily, and the replacement band fit nicely using the new clips that it came with. The ear pieces required some manipulation to get the ridge under the clips. This actually took the most time. Once under they were securely attached. I will mention that I’ve since worn the headset for several hours straight…no issues with comfort on the ear or head.


  10. Moi Aussi (verified owner)

    My Bose headphones worked well, but weren’t used that often because I didn’t want to run the risk of breaking them. (Dumb idea). So, for years they spent most of their time in a closet. Recently I discovered that the earpads and headband had degenerated into a sticky black mess. I found these replacements–and despite a lot of hesitation, fearful that I’d be unable to actually do the replacement–I bought them. I watched the video several times, and–to my delight–it was a piece of cake to make them look like new. And, astoundingly, I DID IT MYSELF!

    Moi Aussi

  11. Skipper59 (verified owner)

    My 10 year old QC2 headphones ear pads and headband cushion started disintegrating and leaving a sticky black paint-like residue on my ears. I was going to retire them. But I went on Amazon and found these replacement pads. WOW! Great quality and fit. When they arrived I went on YouTube to watch instructional video and within ten minutes my QC2’s were like brand new again. Get these replacements and you will be VERY pleased with the quality and ease of installation.


  12. Rico (verified owner)

    Excellent product. I was skeptical at first but after reading the reviews I decided to try them. I was just not going to pay 35plus dollars for the OEM ear pieces. I am very impressed with the build quality. They look and feel the same as the original ones did. It like I have a brand new set of Bose again. Not sure about the durability as of yet for obvious reasons but if they last as long as the originals did, I’ll be money ahead. I would definitely recommend these. Skeptics


  13. chriscross (verified owner)

    I love my Bose 15s. The material really broke down after a couple of years. I was going to purchase the “Bose” Official replacement parts, but with some reading decided on this package. If you can sharpen a pencil or replace a cap on a pen without drawing blood…you can do this. Just watch the videos twice and be patient. Writing this review reminded me that I just got back from a long trip and used my “new” Bose for hours. I didn’t even notice the replacement pieces as they look good, are stable and were the right price. I easily recommend and will to friends. Thanks


  14. BA (verified owner)

    I updated the ear pads and headband cushion on both my QC-2s and my QC-15s. The installation was actually quite easy, but I do consider myself very handy. I would recommend watching the YouTube video just in case you have some of the potential problems it described. I was thrilled to find this kit. I purchased the QC-15s about 6 years ago when I discovered that the ear pads on the QC-2s needed replacing just before an overseas trip. The QC-2s sat in the drawer until I stumbled across this kit. The QC-2 ear pads were so bad that the head phones did not work properly. When I looked at my QC-15s, they also showed deterioration, so I purchased two kits. My lucky son will get my QC-2s. I also updated my QC-15s with the Tunes bluetooth adaptor. It looks fully integrated. I purchased this kit based on the reviews. Thank you to everyone that contributed!


  15. jc (verified owner)

    Thumbs up! Made my QC2 headset look as good as new. Installation of the headband cover was a little bit of a challenge. Just listened to the video carefully, took my time and used my brain before I did anything dumb. The thought that went into these replacement items was first class – great engineering and excellent instruction videos..


  16. C. Winton (verified owner)

    In my experience with Sony, Sennheiser, and Bose head phones, after a few years the ear pads and headband pad start disintegrating, leaving a gooey, tar like mess on anything they touch. Your choice is then to discard your phones in favor of new ones, or hope you can find an economical refurbishment solution (I’ve had to discard both Sony and Sennheiser models in the past). When my Bose QC-2 headphones started down this path I shelved them and switched to using noise reduction ear buds. During a (much) later Spring cleaning I came across the Bose’s and decided to look for a refurbishment solution before tossing them out. That’s how I came across this product. It’s not exactly cheap, but comes as a comprehensive kit. I did find low cost ear pads, but my headband pad was almost as gooey as the ear pads so replacing it was a must, making this kit my best option. The kit includes ear pads, ear pad inserts (2 versions … one matching the original and the other as pictured with L/R embossment), a replacement headband pad, headband pad end clips, a small screwdriver, and a small plastic case tool for getting the ear pad support rings under the clips that hold them in place. Installation took me maybe 20 minutes. The result is almost identical to the original Bose version in appearance, the only difference being the zip on head band vs. Bose’s sewn on head band. The replacement clips are needed since Bose’s clips won’t go over the zipper ends. You can go online to see rather long videos of the installation procedure, but if you want to skip the video, here are the steps you follow in a nutshell: 1) Remove the Bose headband pad clips from the headband by removing the 4 tiny black Phillips head screws that retain them (a small #2 Phillips head screwdriver is in the kit, but I actually used my own #2 since mine is of better quality). Note the notches that hold each clip in place since the replacement clips will go on them the same way. 2) Use scissors to cut along the side seam of the Bose head band pad to remove it, exposing the metal band and connection wire (cutting along the side avoids accidentally cutting the wire that runs through the center of the head band). 3) Prep the replacement clips by installing then removing the screws that hold their caps in place – use either the Bose screws or the ones supplied, which are identical. 4) If necessary, slide the flat black plastic wire channels that hide the wire when you lengthen the phones to fit your head by pushing them back down towards the ear phones until you can see the wire between the notches in the metal band where the clips go. 5) Zip the new headband pad over the metal band and wire, pulling the zipper with a paper clip or the supplied screw driver – make sure the wire is safely back in place. 6) The screw posts for each clip fit the notches in the metal band. Each clip has a small channel for the wire and a bump to cover the zipper end. The new clips attach the same way as the Bose clips. The procedure is to put them so the bump covers the zipper end with the screw posts fitting into the notches with the wire in the channel. Use the small black screws to attach the cap for each clip after first using the plastic case tool to push the material near the zipper end under the clip cover before you screw it down. 7) If the old ear pads are still in place, remove them by pulling them towards the center to free their retaining rings from the catches that hold them in place, then remove the two inserts since in all likelihood they no longer stick down. 8) Install the new inserts (after pulling off the adhesive covering) by pressing them in place to line up with the interior notch. There is a set of inserts identical to what Bose used and a set that shows which phone is left and which is right – your choice. 9) Note where the ear pad catches are on the inside of each phone (there are 8 of them evenly space around the perimeter for each phone). For each pad, use your fingers and the supplied small plastic case tool to push the pad’s retaining ring to engage the catches, completing your refurbishment.

    C. Winton

  17. Alan Smith (verified owner)

    I think the quality is good. The instructions and videos provided help. Good lighting and my reading glasses to put the small screws in helped more. It alters the look of the headphones a little, but it looks a whole lot better than the black flecks that would be left on my ears and bald head after wearing the old headband and ear cushions. $40 might be bit steep for this item, but it was cheaper than throwing out the headphones which is what I thought I was going to have to do.

    Alan Smith

  18. wally (verified owner)

    My dad gave me his QC 15 as soon as I tried them on the headband and ear pads crumbled to dust. I looked at a ton of online options, and d spite this benign a touch more costly than others, it seemed the highest quality. I received them today and had the ear pads and headbands on before I was even 2 minutes into the instructional video. It’s really super easy to install and truthfully, it looks great. Sure there is a little zipper on the top, but it’s a lot better than having black crud all over your face and neck. Very satisfied so far! Let’s see if they hold up…I’ll update!


  19. nunyabisness (verified owner)

    I was very disappointed when I found that my QC2’s had deteriorated so far after not using them for a while. These were ancient but …. Got these replacments quickly and videos told me how to install. Nothing difficult but took some time with my fat old fingers. Haven’t tried them in flight so don’t know how it will affect noise cancellation but they feel right.


  20. FMS (verified owner)

    I had called Ron to expedite shipment for my trip as my old pads were giving me back dandruff after my flight. He did and was more than helpful explaining the product and how to install it and what to be careful of. I bought the combo, it just arrived and I installed them just as Ron discribed and were in his directions with the package. All in all it took about 15 minutes. The quality looks very good. I did this without the video. OK – READ THE DIRECTIONS AND FOLLOW THEM !! If you do then it work great and you will be very happy !! The videos are helpful and so is Ron. He aims to please !!


  21. JohnA (verified owner)

    Replaced QC2 ear cup pads and headband pad which had been rotting away. This is a great replacement. Easy to install after watching the videos for very useful tips on technique. I actually used a new safety razor blade to carefully cut along the seam of the old headband fir removal- very neat and easy. The new pads are superb.


  22. Darryl D. Henderson (verified owner)

    This is altogether the best option for replacing a the Bose QC15 headband available my earlier post was due to my not following instructions properly. Great product and this plug comes with great humility and joy. My headphones are restored, reborn and revitalized I could not be any happier with this company or their products. I would recommend them and purchase again the future if the need arises.

    Darryl D. Henderson

  23. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    I put my husband in charge of replacing my pads and headband cushion. Like a typical guy, he tried doing this without instructions. He turns to me after making his attempts and said, “These don’t seem to fit right, it’d be nice if there were instructions”. I handed him the small paper that was enclosed with the replacements and said, “Aren’t these the directions?” He grumbled. He disappeared for a few minutes and came back with my headphones which were perfect. I asked him if there were any issues and he said ‘no’. Moral of the story – READ THE INSTRUCTIONS and you will end up with a perfect ending!

    Amazon Customer

  24. S (verified owner)

    Wow nice replacement for my Bose 35 headphones. I was going to junk my headphones when I noticed black material on my face and ears after a flight recently. I decided to see if I could find a replacement foam ear piece and found this unit. I had follow the directions carefully to install the ear foams and head brace.


  25. NavyWife910 (verified owner)

    I wanted a set of noise canceling headphones to use while I’m doing webinars and working from home. My husband had a pair of BOSE QC2, but even sitting in the case, the padding had started to disintegrate. While he was trying to talk me into buying a fancy $200+ set, I was already on Amazon looking for replacement padding and had ordered this set. It was super easy (for him) to install, and the headphones are very comfortable.


  26. Terra Bradford (verified owner)

    Very good replacement for my ‘retired’ QC15 earpads and headband cushion. I had the limited edition brown ones but I bought this black comb set because now i know, when those brown earpads age they are UGLY! Immediately put it to use a week later when I have to travel to Asia. There is some ‘leaking’ of the plane engine noise but I don’t mind. Product is well packaged with complete info on how to install it. I appreciate the note that the seller put in there – I can see he cares for his business. More power to you!

    Terra Bradford

  27. Steve O (verified owner)

    Like everyone else who has had to replace the earpads or headband, I was plagued by black dandruff from the shedding old pads! So, immediately I start searching for replacements. I found this kit which is nice because it has both earpads AND the headband. The reviews looked good and frankly, I did not care if I had to cut off the original headband. When you receive the product they direct you to a couple of youtube vids which are pretty easy to follow. In total, I think it took me 15 minutes to change over everything. Even screwing in the new clips was pretty easy. Overall look and fit of the new pads is great.

    Steve O

  28. CAtexas (verified owner)

    This was an incredibly easy installation. Everyone says “watch the videos, watch the videos”. This was so simple, the video really only showed me where “not” to cut off the old band, and avoid damaging wiring. This might have taken all of 5 minutes to install. I like the quality so far. Obviously, I can’t tell how long it will last, but I have no complaints out of the gate.


  29. Gerky (verified owner)

    bought the repair kit because the original Bose ear piece and headband pad disintegrated all over my head. This kit is easy to install except for the headband. Once I got the zipper into the slot, it was easy. Feels like the original Bose padding, comfortable and blocks out the outside. Highly recommend it. Good product.


  30. Gracie (verified owner)

    My husband put this on my Bose noise canceling headset after watching a quick video and they are now like NEW! Both fit perfectly and look like the original set! I’d buy them again in a heartbeat and definitely recommend the set! It costs about $30/35 less than Bose price for the same thing!


  31. Clark W. (verified owner)

    My Bose QC15 headphones have been used a lot except for the last few weeks. On a recent flight overseas, I took them out and wore them and discovered black flecks all over my head and face. Upon examination, I realized the original ear cushions and headbands by Bose had completely rotted are were coming apart as I touched them. I contacted Bose, who had replacement ear pads but nothing to do for the headband except they would sell me a new set of the headphones. I found this replacement kit from Accessory House and ordered it. Installation was a breeze with the online video tutorial that the company directed me to. I believe this head band and ear cushion set is superior to the original Bose product and I very highly recommend its purchase. When I bought my headphones years ago, they were $300 and this was a small investment to make them better than new again.

    Clark W.

  32. LabDog (verified owner)

    When I broke out my Bose QC2 headphones the other day and discovered that the headband and ear pads had disintegrated and were a sticky mess, I went looking for a solution. My wife found these on Amazon, and 2 days later I had the equivalent of a brand new set of headphones. The product came as described, the installation was very clear and easy, fit perfectly and look beautiful. Clear concise instructions, quality materials.


  33. danny (verified owner)

    The material was very high quality. The directions were easy to follow and I was able to remove the deteriorated ear pads and head band cushion and put the new pieces in place for a better than new set of headphones and saved me $$$!!! These are great. I didn’t mark down for durability…will see how they do over time. Great product!!!


  34. Jeri Wenger (verified owner)

    The replacement ear pads and headband cushion pad were easy to install, of top quality, and perfect fit. My Bose headset looks brand new. Seller shipped and we received our product in two days with Amazon Prime. Seller also contacted us by email to make sure we received and liked the product and gave us helpful tips for the easy installation. Outstanding service!

    Jeri Wenger

  35. Joseph Larnerd (verified owner)

    I was very disappointed when my QC15 headphones ear-ads started to break down and flake. I got even more upset when the headband started doing the same thing. I love my headphones, but there was a lack of quality here. Thank goodness I came across this product and simple solution to fix both! The YouTube videos were easy to follow (although they should be remade so the installation is better framed, but I got it!) Thanks for making a great and affordable product that will last a very long time!

    Joseph Larnerd

  36. AZ-K (verified owner)

    Easy installation, and it looks better than the pictures I saw online. If you hadn’t seen the original headband version you would know that the after-fix isn’t stock, even though it’s a different design.


  37. bigkid43 (verified owner)

    Great product, easy to install. Instructions are clear. Watch the video for installing the headband and make sure to pre-thread the screws into the covers. Otherwise an easy job will become hard. But Ron gives clear instructions in the video (link is provided) and you just follow them.


  38. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    One insert cover was missing a piece of two-sided tape, so I used the black inserts provided instead. No big deal. Installation was relatively simple. Everything fit! New headband and pads are very comfortable.

    Amazon Customer

  39. A. Johnson (verified owner)

    A small price to pay to essentially make headphones brand new again. The instructional videos on YouTube definitely helped with the installation. It was a little worrisome cutting off the original headband but I think the new one is even nicer than the original. Perfect five stars.

    A. Johnson

  40. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    This kit was great. I’ve been able to save my first and only pair of Bose headphones. Installation was straightforward and I was able to put it all together in about 15 minutes. Just be careful if you’re trying to cut away the original cushion that goes on the top of your head, there is a very delicate cable that goes from one ear to another which could be damaged if you aren’t paying attention.

    Amazon Customer

  41. Thomas F Romano (verified owner)

    The product arrived on time and was exactly as described in the ad. The installation videos were a great help for both the disassembly and re-assembly of the head band and ear cushions. Only a little minor difficulty with getting the screws into the head band clips, a third hand would have been nice to have. Also, getting the ear cushions clicked in place took a couple of try’s, but once you get the feel for it it goes pretty smoothly. I would diffently recommend this product for anyone that has a need to salvage their QC2’s.

    Thomas F Romano

  42. Rodrigo (verified owner)

    El kit esta super completo, trae las herramientas necesarias para poder hacer el cambio sin problemas y trae dos juegos de cobertores uno en azul y otro en negro, Excelente productor satisfacción al 100%


  43. Angie R (verified owner)

    Although I got the wrong ear pads I was able to make them work. I was able to fix them on my over ear Bose headphones. I also incorporate my style to them. Thanks for assisting in making my headphones last longer.

    Angie R

  44. Cooper Coleman (verified owner)

    This was a great replacement for the ear pads and head band. It definitely saved me from buying a new set of headphones. Install was very easy and now they look brand new again. So glad I decided to buy these.

    Cooper Coleman

  45. pj91 (verified owner)

    I liked the final professional look hard to tell from new. Replacing the ear pieces and the headband had great instructions and a video link. Maybe not the cheapest set but complete and professional appearance.


  46. Andreswara Hermawan (verified owner)

    Very good quality, the leather feels like the original one, if not better. They’re quite easy to install, so don’t let the “DIY experience required” put you off. Now my son’s QC15 looks brand new again, I will buy one for mine next. Definitely one of the best purchase decision I have made.

    Andreswara Hermawan

  47. Barry Reid (verified owner)

    Thank you guys for making a great product to rehabilitate my Bose headset. It took me 20 minutes or so but wasn’t very difficult at all. I watched your how to video. Putting in the screws for the new band was a little delicate but you guys perfectly designed them. Some awesome engineering.

    Barry Reid

  48. engineer (verified owner)

    Easy to install. Just follow the directions. Didn’t replace the original “scrims” and reused the original screws since the colors matched better.


  49. joe momma (verified owner)

    My original ear pads and headband on my bose QC2s, were deteriorating, and started falling apart. These are almost exactly like the original parts. Reasonably priced. Not as cheap as some others, but you get what you pay for. Installation was simple enough. Headphones are good as new now.

    joe momma

  50. Charlie (verified owner)

    The replacement ear pads, inside covers and headband arrived in just a couple of days. Very easy to switch out parts in 10 minutes thanks to step by step directions on a You Tube video. Link was provided. The head sets are comfortable to wear again and blocks out the sound of mine and our neighbors lawnmowers which my wife really enjoys.


  51. Gamegyro (verified owner)

    Works perfect, and appears better quality than the factory originals! What worked for me was watching the video through once, then going back and doing the install while watching the video again. I found it to be a quick and easy process. Very happy with the results.


  52. J. Davis (verified owner)

    It was time to get QC15s refurbed. Original head band “leather” flaked off, second earpad replacements split, so I went with these. Product worked great, followed the install videos, no problems. Brandon’s follow ups via email to be sure everything was right with the order and install is impressive. I’d definitely recommend buying from Acessory House Global.

    J. Davis

  53. CindyML (verified owner)

    Great product to revive my Bose headphones. I watched the video for installation and it was very easy. I did make a small mistake but I called and spoke to Ron and he fixed my problem and gave me an additional visual. Great customer service and excellent product.


  54. Kim S (verified owner)

    My husband and I have two very well used Bose QC15s that started to flake. I ordered him new headphones for Christmas and saw these as a “frequently bought together.” I figured why not? Well, I’m impressed. Installation was super easy following the posted videos on YouTube. Everything is included. No need to find a tiny screwdriver or ruin your manicure. If you are suffering from Bose dandruff, get these and never see the black flakes again.

    Kim S

  55. E.Rich (verified owner)

    My Bose QuietComfort 15’s still worked great, but the ear pads and headband were disintegrating. I order, and returned, Bose 35’s because they weren’t as good as the 15s. Next step was to order this kit. Now they are just like new. Be sure to watch the installation videos first. Follow the instructions and 15min later you’ll be good to go.


  56. Michael R. Koch (verified owner)

    Really liked my old Bose QuietComfort 2 headphone but both the headband and the ear pads were falling apart. Was looking for new replacement headphones when I checked to see if there were rebuild kits. Ordered one, watched the two videos and within 10 minutes had replaced the headband and ear pads and my old headphones were as good as new…

    Michael R. Koch

  57. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    I bought the ear pads (for the second time) and the headband for the first time. The ear pads lasted just as long as the original ear pads that came with my bose QC15, so obviously I bought the same ones from accessory house again. This time my original headband started to disintegrate so bought it from AH along with the ear pads. I. Was not disappointed. Great product. Will continue to buy.

    Amazon Customer

  58. Colleen Sullivan (verified owner)

    was delighted these were available. Without them, I would have needed to throw out my $300 headphones. They were easy to install and comfortable.

    Colleen Sullivan

  59. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Went on easy. The video I found didn’t show how to use with the tool provided, which was easy to figure out. Glad I bought and installed before my next flight.

    Amazon Customer

  60. runner35 (verified owner)

    great way to keep old headphones going. until the materials become more durable for the head band and ear covers, this is a great product to keep useful life in your headset


  61. DolomiteDan (verified owner)

    This refurbishment kit for the Bose Quiet Comfort 2 headphones is totally awesome. The quality of materials is excellent, simple installation, and headphones are like new again! Very reasonable price for the kit also. Extremely satisfied and would highly recommend!👍🏻


  62. I. C (verified owner)

    Really fast delivery and also super easy to replace. It only take about 15-20mins to take off old pads and put on new one! Now I have a new headset again! Love it!

    I. C

  63. GCarguy (verified owner)

    I was surprised how easy it was to install these pads. Instructions were very helpful. The quality of pads is first class. Observation by an airline seatmate was “they look brand new”. Comfortable.


  64. Ara Kotchian (verified owner)

    I can not be happier. I bought the product, I watched the installation videos, and I changed the earphone pads and the head rest pad. Everything went on perfectly, no fuss, no muss, the supplied tools were all that was necessary, even the little paperclip came in handy for the zipper on the head band. I basically have a brand new set of BOSE QC15 Headphones.

    Ara Kotchian

  65. Daniel T. Crocker (verified owner)

    Old Bose earpads and headband were pretty gross. Changed them out and added a cool bluetooth integrated device, which really rejuvenated my headset. Instructions are quite clear and well done

    Daniel T. Crocker

  66. RJ Patton (verified owner)

    This is a great replacement for worn out head bands and ear pads. They look GREAT and were fairly easy to install. The only issue I had was the included mini screwdriver was too tiny for my big hands. Luckily, I had my own set of mini screwdrivers that I used.

    RJ Patton

  67. Marguerite Poupakis (verified owner)

    It’s like having a brand new earphone! great replacement for my 1st generation bose earphone. I highly recommend and the price is reasonable.

    Marguerite Poupakis