Best bone conduction headphones on the market.

These weird and wonderful futuristic pieces of tech really are strange ones! Creating a different way to hear your amazing music than blocking your ears and sending the sound in airwaves down your poor ear canal.

These great headphones work by sending sound vibrations to your upper jaw, and from there into the middle of your ear canal, creating a much freer feel to listening to music, no more blocked ear headphones!

Now, these have been around for a while now and you may be wondering why you haven’t seen them around much, well here’s the main problem. While it all sounds really cool, it definitely isn’t the most direct route for the sound waves to take, creating a much lower standard of sound quality, and all in all a much less used type of headphone. While people love the noise-cancelling submerging type, lots of others actually prefer having an open ear, and the sounds are not drilled into the ear.

Why are they helpful?

With the much lower sound quality, you may be thinking, why would anyone use them? This is where they can really come in handy, if you ever worry about tinnitus and loud pumping headphones damaging your hearing, these will damage them a lot less, as there is nothing blocking and sending air down your ear canal!

With fantastic science behind it, you shouldn’t be able to hear somebody’s music if they are wearing them, as the sound vibration is sent through the bone, not the air. This can really help if you don’t mind a little loss in quality, for a safer and less sound polluting pair of headphones.

What are the best options on the market for me?

Depending on what you want them for, we have put together some brilliant options to stop your long-winded conduction headphone search.

The AfterShokz Aeropex

Is one of the best choices you can make, with a battery life of up to 8 hours! Which almost doubles the life of other similar headphones out today.

You can even use these in the shower! With being protected from 1 meter of being fully submerged in water, these are a number one pick if you love long days out doing kayaking, or any water sports that you not fully submerged!



The VIDONN Bone Conduction Headphones

Is in our opinion, one of the best affordable picks that you can get your hands on right now, absolutely flawless for outdoor activities and sports! This option is much less durable than the AfterShokz Aeropex, but for the price, you really can complain, although you don’t want to take this one down a river, it will not last as long!

If you don’t mind sacrificing some sound quality and general strength of the product, then there is no doubt this is an exceptional option. Affordable and helpful, ideal!


The Pyle PSWBT550

For lots of people, is a go-to, it is a durable and respectively clear sound quality (as good quality these headphones can get), it is also water resistance for your rainy running needs.


Creating an option for a high level of alternate listening styles, to really fit along with a sporty lifestyle. With a really comfortable sitting position, this is a great option. The battery life lasts 4 hours, which is half the time of the AfterShokz Aeropex, but very good compared to the other brands on the market. Making this one of the main preferred picks, for anyone looking for a good pair of conduction headphones.

Another AfterShokz product, the Aftershokz Air

Air has to take a place on a list of best bone conduction headphones on the market, they really have stepped up to provide outstanding items that have improved the way we think about these headphones.

While it doesn’t have the 8-hour battery life (it has 6! Which is still impressive), it is really aimed at improving the exercising experience, allowing you to use it with any type of helmet, and overall have a much less risky time listening to music, as your ear canals are open too, so you can hear your surroundings a lot more!

At the end of the day

There are lots of constantly changing opinions when it comes to these funky types of headphones, now there’s definitely a lot of positive feedback that users have found it really does help them. Also, if it helps reduce the risk of tinnitus and bad hearing, then for lots it is a real saviour!

These really haven’t skyrocketed since they came out, as generally, you want amazing sound piercing quality, but these do have a definite and helpful use in the market, if the technology for the sound quality was to improve, maybe these really are the future!

If you’re looking for a cheaper pair that will do the job then The VIDONN Bone Conduction Headphones, are the best, being under £50 and really get the job done. These a first-timers ideal first pair, to get you into the weird and wonderful world of bone conduction headphones.

But on the other hand, you may want them to improve your fitness world, then the AfterShokz Air, is undoubtedly the better option, with amazing features and a slim tight fit, you can’t go wrong!

Exploring new ways to listen to our beloved songs is fascinating, if you’re interested in this technology or have heard something you like the sound of, it’s great fun to dive in and have a play with these amazing bits of equipment, you never know, you might end up really falling in love!.



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