Advantages and disadvantages of noise-cancelling headphones.

Many of us avid music listeners, really enjoy feeling totally submerged into your tunes, and a big part of that is blocking out the outside noisy elements. There are plenty of amazing points to having these great headphones, but there are also some bad, let’s dive into that and find out if they are really worth it?

Yes, to an extent, if you are clumsy and out and about in a busy place, then hearing the outside world may actually help you from injuring yourself, then a completely noise-cancelling pair may not benefit you. But if you don’t have to worry about any of that, or just prefer to not hear the boring noise of public transport, then they can change the whole music experience for you.


Firstly, let’s take a look at the good points

  • You don’t need to play your music so loud This is an issue for lots of cheaper and non-noise-cancelling headphones out there, if your hearing lots of other sounds other than your music, you’re more likely to turn it up to drown out the other sounds, this in time damages your earing lots!
  • Only being able to hear your music Sometimes all you want to do is daydream and listen to nice music, and to do that you can’t have aggressive or loud sounds over your relaxing tunes, so this is where the noise-cancelling headphones really shine, creating a fully atmospheric time, wherever you are!
  • Perfect for the cinema feel while watching films. If you have never watched films in your house while listening through headphones, do it! Especially if you like cinemas, great noise-cancelling headphones can completely change the way you look at watching films, making every film you watch at home, like the big screen!
  • They can help to drown out piercing sounds at work Do you work with loud machines? These headphones can really benefit you, giving you the opportunity to listen to your best music, while operating the machinery and not damaging your ears.
  • Outstanding quality of sound Many high-quality brands really can blow you away will the sound, as they are closed spaces, the bass can really feel fantastic!

Now, some of the bad (Yes, there are some bad points!)

  • The sound can sometimes sound un-natural While the quality is usually out of this world, you can sometimes feel like it sounds a little bit unnatural, simply that’s because it is, headphones with an open back, usually create a more natural feel.
  • Can be dangerous while exercising If you want them for exercising or anything you may need to hear for, then they can be a hazard, it is really important to listen to your surroundings in lots of situations, and these headphones can definitely drag your concentration and hearing away from that.
  • Generally, more expensive For a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones, it usually comes at a cost, while there are plenty of affordable options, for the almost completely noise-cancelling pairs, this is not the case.
  • If you have a wireless pair, the battery life is short. For the average pair of wireless noise-cancelling headphones, the battery life is around 18-19 hours, meaning you would have to charge them once every few days if you used them semi-regularly.


For the average listener of music, they may not want to dive into the world of expensive noise-cancelling headphones, as you may not wish to block out outdoor sounds. But for many who do, these are completely necessary for an extremely satisfying listening session.

Many are fans of having completely noise-cancelling listening experiences, maybe because it’s satisfying only being able to hear your music and nothing else, or you may find they just have a sound that you desire more. Either way, they are one of the best options for headphone technology, and really can help in lots of different ways.

Are you going to scurry through the world of the most utterly amazing noise-cancelling headphone choices, or is it just not for you?